1. Very nice set. The mist makes it all very surreal looking…The reference
    to “Silent Hill is a good one! You sort of expect to see the pyramid head
    guy appear swinging that big blade… :-O

  2. Wow, seeing this pictures made me feel I was watching a real Silent Hill trailer. The whole scenario and the mist together are just fantastic. I hope I can see this place soon with my own eyes. Wait, not only this one but every place of this website. Too bad I’m a little bit far away from Japan 🙁

    • It’s nice hear from you. Silent Hill 2 movie, It is stage of the amusement park.
      I was blessed to mist, It is a very lucky.
      if you come to Japan, do not hesitate to contact me 😀

        • Mexico 🙂
          I really love the design of the Church in Mexico. Ultra-Broque. I want to visit ”Las Pozas ”
          Do you know a lot abandoned place in Mexico?

          • Yes, there are tons of small towns across Mexico that still have that baroque style among their streets. And about abandoned places, in Mexico’s city there are tons, but few with a large history to tell. The really interesting buildings in my country are the ones that carry with themselves lots of urban legends and mostly abandoned-“haunted” places: from hotels, houses, woods and more. I’ll give you some little examples: The famous doll’s island, whose only inhabitant died in 2001 in mysterious ways: (Really exciting but kinda for ghostbusters though)

            Also a not-so-famous opera cinema totally abandoned near the heart of Mexico’s city, which i find truly interesting (sorry i only could find references in spanish but the video speaks by itself:

            Hope you like it and if you ever think about visiting, you can contact me anytime 🙂

          • Whoa! doll’s island,I know this island 😀 but I did not know location island in Mexico.
            The island is mysterious and interesting place,and island has sad story.
            Opera cinema, That looks amazing :DThe place looks beautiful.
            Japan has not abandoned of theater 🙁
            Many thanks for the info on Mexico and others. I’m happy to meet you and share the information. Thanks!

  3. ikumiさんの写真はいつも普段見えない所を見せてくれる!!ありがとう〜


    • シンガポールからコメントありがとうございます〜 🙂
      普通に観光も面白そう! 是非遊びに行きたいです!!

  4. I was sad finding out about Greenpark not being anymore. What fascinated me about those haikyo pictures of the amusement park, was the mist which was all over the place.

    That you were blessed with such a silent hill fog for your visit at nara dreamland is really great! Thank you for sharing those beautifull pictures!!